January  Weekend  Home Improvement Projects

Time to take down those Holiday decorations-
For many this is a sad time of the year, admitting the holidays are over. Family members have gone back home or to college and it can be disappointing. Keep yourself occupied while taking down those decorations by examining them for any damaged bulbs or frayed wires, loose connections etc.  And by doing this, you can replace many damaged strings with new ones while on Clearance at 50-70% off the retail price. 

Fix unsightly wall and ceiling cracks- If you are like me, then you are getting tired of staying indoors due to the weather. You have most likely noticed things around the house that need to be repaired, like small hairline cracks around windows, and door frames,or across the ceiling.  If they are relatively large, you might want to have a professional take a look to make sure they are not structural. Most often these occur where two pieces of drywall meet and the joint compound starts to dry out or the drywall tape comes loose. 

Clean Tile & Grout Lines- Whether it is on the floor, a backsplash, shower walls or shower floors, it can be cleaned. Type of tile and amount of discoloration will determine how you can clean it. REmember on unglazed tile use a natural cleanser, while glazed tiles willafford the use of stronger chemical cleaners.  A good alternative is Baking Soda mixed with a bit of water to form a paste, and can be applied with a toothbrush quickly so as not to loose its abrasiveness. 

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